Mega Man Solid

Sometimes a buster just isn’t enough.

Lil doodle.


Greg Mitchell, #teampixel2


Light Design Comps

A full plate of simplified tonal compositions. I’m really enjoying creating custom brushes to stream line the economy of certain edges like branches or scaffolding.  More to come.

Greg Mitchell, Dune 1984 had some major storytelling issues…just sayin.

Tinker Soldier

“Pride lives in every fist”


A washed up mechanic rises to the top of his platoon to save his long lost sister from a powerful foreign sociopath.



Greg Mitchell, Moving Forward

Learning Lessons

I’ve been fortunate to have the time to develop my skills further as an illustrator for animation but I can’t say it’s all been too easy. Through force of grit and will I got back on the grind to be a more proficient artist last summer and I’ve learned a few things from my experiences. One is to never let you main income source craft get too far out of reach. I put my illustration on the sidelines to focus on developing my ideas/writing/ music and I now know to keep my visual art on constant upkeep. Two is make a portfolio for ONE job. I am guilty of being somewhat of an art enthusiast and never being satiated with the restrictions of one style or job description but it’s important for marketability to have a portfolio that garners trust in one area. Otherwise you have employers that see that you are talented but have no place to put you. Three is to make sure that positivity is always a part of your job description. Being likable goes a loooooooong way.  Below is a sketch to practice a bit of my shaping for characters.


Greg Mitchell, BGAC folks!

Final Thoughts on Nathan Fowkes Color and Light Class

Overall, his class was pretty damn good. The main thing I learned form Mr. Fowkes was simplifying my designs. I didn’t realize how much extraneous detail I was adding to my pieces in the pretense of high quality art. I would add extra color and bedazzles to make sure not one piece of my art was boring but…. that was my downfall. My younger self strived so hard to be interesting but now I know that less truly is more. STATE YOUR PRPOSE AND DO YOUR PURPOSE. I will forever strive to do as much as a I possibly can without a single extra stroke. I have to mentally think that every line cost me 500 dollars directly out of my bank account. Basically my visual communication must be as succinct and clear as my oral communication. I, for one, have a treasure trove of ideas that I need to see reach a larger audience. I believe I have the taste and vision to truly inspire a lot of people and inspire my own inner child. I’ve included a few new pieces tot this post and excluded my final assignment because it didn’t go in the direction that I’d like it to go.



I’m experimenting to find the perfect balance of style and economy for my next project.


Greg Mitchell, Time isn’t a factor time is THE factor

Class Update and Such

Ok, so I haven’t been updating my site with my class updates because I haven’t really liked any of them. This last assignment is a large piece that should represent me as an artist. I had to really think about that. At first I just came up with some simple ideas that would make for good paintings. Yes, they would be good but not great/inspiring. Me as person is similar to me as an artist. My personality is big and exciting like a turn up rap song and I want my audience to feel that way too. I think it’s important at this stage in my career to really channel my Purpose, Personality and Design in my personal work to allow my pieces to transcend the horde of mediocrity that exists on socials. Everyone can draw, everyone can paint but few can think. The amount of originality I see online is staggeringly low and I simply won’t be a part of that. So for this assignment I went back to the pages of 2014 Greg and created a larger than life project environment called “Ballers Paradise.”  It’s an imaginative civilization that worships basketball that takes Oia Greece and gives it African influences. Most of my sketches for this project have been rough idea doodles but I’ll be updating my site with a series of full images to articulate this location soon. From now on I’ll be putting enough love into all of my projects to make my audience dream bigger when they see it and be taken to a place where their child selves are allowed to run free! Here are a some pages of thinking I’ve done on this project.


Greg Mitchell, From words of Paul Shardlow “Research the competition!”