Class Update and Such

Ok, so I haven’t been updating my site with my class updates because I haven’t really liked any of them. This last assignment is a large piece that should represent me as an artist. I had to really think about that. At first I just came up with some simple ideas that would make for good paintings. Yes, they would be good but not great/inspiring. Me as person is similar to me as an artist. My personality is big and exciting like a turn up rap song and I want my audience to feel that way too. I think it’s important at this stage in my career to really channel my Purpose, Personality and Design in my personal work to allow my pieces to transcend the horde of mediocrity that exists on socials. Everyone can draw, everyone can paint but few can think. The amount of originality I see online is staggeringly low and I simply won’t be a part of that. So for this assignment I went back to the pages of 2014 Greg and created a larger than life project environment called “Ballers Paradise.”  It’s an imaginative civilization that worships basketball that takes Oia Greece and gives it African influences. Most of my sketches for this project have been rough idea doodles but I’ll be updating my site with a series of full images to articulate this location soon. From now on I’ll be putting enough love into all of my projects to make my audience dream bigger when they see it and be taken to a place where their child selves are allowed to run free! Here are a some pages of thinking I’ve done on this project.


Greg Mitchell, From words of Paul Shardlow “Research the competition!”


Week 6 Assignment

It took me quite a few color keys to get this one out but I’m glad I went through the extra work. It turns out I just needed to leave my apartment and go to a coffee shop to get some fresh new ideas. These days I’ve been kind of a hermit haha. The assignment was to do color and light design on a supplied layout. I chose this piece from Prince of Egypt because it was  naturally dynamic and then I added a character and a dust storm. I’ve realized I really need to improve my lighting design and spend my more time making sure the piece is lit in a sophisticated way. Honestly I need to spend more time on pieces in general…. I am excited to move into projects that have a lot more of personality in them. I feel like I’m finally on the cusps of pretty out some really inspiring pieces.

Greg Mitchell, KOA

Assignment Week 5 and Thoughts

With last weeks assignment I decided to go in a direction that I wouldn’t have normally gone. I realized I have a tendency of achieving visual appeal in my paintings by using high tonal contrast and the results lend to being heavy handed. I want to be versatile and have complete control of the visual tools to make a good picture. I submitted an assignment that I struggled with for a number of reasons and didn’t get a great score. I am however glad that I did try it out and asked some questions because I feel I received some valuable nuggets of information that will be instrumental in my career. I also came to the conclusion of why my work is so heavy handed, sloppy and dramatic. It’s because “I’m” heavy handed and dramatic as a person and I’m also very impatient. I hadn’t really thought about that before but I’m realizing that improving in my artwork ultimately means improving in my personal life as well. To give my art and myself some contrast I’ll be doing a series of soft paintings with a gentle touch that take more time. Here is my first and I’m withholding my class submission….


Greg Mitchell, Gotta pay the cost to be the boss

Color And Light Assignment Week 4

This week in my online class I did a little better than before (4 out of 5). I spent a bit more time tightening things up and grouping the values though I could have pushed for more extreme colors. The assignment was to pull out five different emotions from a sketch and as I reached for more extreme palettes I had a hard time connecting to it emotionally. That said I’ll still make sure to provide more variety in the future instead of leaving things mostly cool hued. This marks an exciting point in my artistic career because I feel like I have the tools to breathe life into my old zany whimsical projects that my artistic skills couldn’t quite produce before. I’ve decided to group a number of my past ideas into one super fantastic epic adventure called “Paper Bag Boy!!!! (this version is way better than the previous takes with no exclamation marks).” I’ll use the rest of this online class to flesh out ideas for this project. Well that’s it..toodles.



Greg Mitchell, Gotta reach masterclass, no more intermediate

Experimenting with Procreate…Again

A few years ago back when I was in Georgia I got my hands on a company Ipad and tried my best to use an art app called Procreate. It somehow felt unnatural and disconnected. Well now that I have an Ipad Pro and Procreate has gone through massive updates how do I feel about it…about the same. The apple pencil has no sensation as I draw on the glossy screen which desensitizes my drawing ability and after awhile I start to actually get worse. The accuracy and sensitivity even with the apple pencil are kinda spotty. Recently Procreate with the Ipad pro has become a hot item for modern artists as it bridges the gap in convenience, price and quality but for the style of art that I do it just doesn’t quite cut it. It is however pretty good for a new style that I’m adopting from Neil Ross. I find myself reaching for more saturation when I use Procreate and something about it all makes me simplify my art which is crucial. The verdict…I’ll use Procreate nights and weekends. No anytime minutes for this thing.


(Screenshots of me using Procreate)

Greg Mitchell, Do better Do more

Progress WK3 Color and Light Class

Hey everyone! I just got my assignment back from Nathan Fowkes Color and Light class. It went fairly well. I got high marks for creativity though my technical and effort scores were just “good.” I think once again I need to spend more time on my assignment to get those marks up. Also I need to try doing a light subject matter over a dark background instead of just dark to light. Oh I also need better textures haha. I’m just listing things out so it sticks in my own head. Anywho ,I’m exciting to get started on next weeks pass and here is my assignment submission.


Greg Mitchell, time to get another J.O.B

Week 2 Color And Light Assignment

Well I wish I had good news but unfortunately this was another somewhat failed weekly assignment for Nathan Fowkes Color and Light class. 3 out of 5 stars. Riding off the knowledge of last weeks feedback I made sure to do some pencil sketches to give the scene a sense of purpose which I was happy with but the believability of the light wasn’t there for a couple of reasons. One I used too much unrealistic color dodge, two I didn’t bounce light the warms and three I didn’t keep the cool light source consistent. All of these issues I think would have been ironed out if I started the project earlier so I’m making sure to start this weeks assignment today!! Haha and not a few days before. Here is the painting and some sketches I did with it.


Greg Mitchell, do more do better