Warm Designs

Waspy Boat Ride




Greg Mitchell, Dead fresh eeeerday like I jumped a body casket


Old Sketch

This is an old sketch from my “dark days” but I really love it. I think the color harmony that I stumbled upon  brought out the vibrancy of the red while still feeling professional.  I’m going back and adding purpose to some of my favorite old pieces right now to make a first draft concept portfolio so I did a couple of tweaks to this. Man, what a difference a year makes in terms of decision making! It’s like I get to art direct my past self haha.



Greg Mitchell, All she know is social media but we don’t even socialize (free Weezy!)

Neil Ross, The Graphic God

I started off this morning with a quick Neil Ross study. I’ve never met this guy but… I love this guy. He’s soo good! Like actually a little too good. His work using flat graphic shapes is stunning and well composed. I would say he’s reached the perfect style though I would push for a more vibrant color palette and a few lost edges. Right now I’m dedicated to finding the true purpose of the original artwork in these quick studies and loosing unnecessary detail ( though I could’ve probably had a bit more texture..).


Greg Mitchell, Gotta knock em out like One Punch Man

I’m Back Again! 2018 Lets Go!

Ok ok ok, I keep disappearing from my faithful lovely blog  but I’m back again! God, it’s great to be back! I plan on being much more active from now on with this blog to document my growth as an artist. I think one reason why I stopped using this blog as much for actual blogging is because I switched to primarily posting on instagram. I did that because IG gets more foot traffic but then I have the issue of not being able to talk to you all ( all 3 of you maybe). Also for awhile I was somewhat experimental and wasn’t actually producing visual art. I instead switched to audio art and you know what they say about chasing two hares…..( You end up not catching either). After watching Prince of Egypt again some months ago my love of animation was rekindled and I was given the spark to be a great visual artist yet again! I feel had fallen into a pool of mediocrity assuming my work as good enough since I had gotten several jobs but low and behold I was slapped in the face when I looked at how damn good other artist in animation were. I was astounded, dumbfounded, found founded. Anywho, after being laid off of my recent Broadway job I went to the lab and started training. My ability to draw and sketch was miraculously very good from daily sketching but my sense of color, light, composition, story telling and every other fundamental of constructing a scene with purpose had  dropped even further than were I was at back in 2013. At that time I was spear heading my entrance into animation but I had the fatal flaw of poor drawing. I was able to land work in LA to fix the drawing but I lost a lot of my other skills. At this time after months of training I’m back on both fronts and pushing to be the best. I feel that life wants me to be great or else it wouldn’t keep giving me these amazing opportunities to improve my skills.  Artistically, I’ve always been ok but I feel idea wise I’ve been a breath of fresh air which has allowed me get somewhere. Now I must surpass all others in both my visual communication and what I have to say. You know visual art is very similar to writing except we use pictures to tell stories instead of words. Being an amazing fundamental artist means nothing if you have no personality/ or anything captivating to say. It’s like a writer who knows perfect sentence structure but  doesn’t have any good stories. You’ll never be a star. I however feel like I have the personality and interest and have struggled putting it to the ground clearly. Sadly but luckily most people are boring so the world needs me to get good and inspire others with my imagination! I swear to you three people that might be reading that I will become great for both me and you! ( I use exclamation marks for extra emphasize!!!!).

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to take an online class with one of my all time favorite artists, Nathan Fowkes. His sense of color and light has dazzled me for years and has been a bench mark for my growth. I just recently completed last weeks first assignment which I’d like to share here. We had to do color studies from paintings that we liked. My studies are the ones on the right.  I struggled with having distracting values and an unclear sense of purpose. I only got a 3 out of 5…womp womp but I’m excited to learn and improve! I look forward to stepping up my game in this class so that I’m not a joke. Those other students are actually pretty damn good low key- high key.


Greg Mitchell, the journey resumes!!!!!

It’s All Coming Back…but Better!

Since my short lived stint painting backgrounds for Broadway plays out in Fresno I’ve been going back to my old visual development roots with a more matured skill set. At first, I will admit, I was off to a pretty terrible start. After years of not drawing seriously I had pretty much forgotten how. Luckily these past months have done a great job of helping to re accumulate myself to the craft! Granted everything I’ve done still sucks but at least I feel some good works coming on the horizon. Here are a some things I’ve done thus far. Now to open the ancient tomes of Paul Felix and make some real hits!


Greg Mitchell, I should probably get a job…

Snowy Lookout and Life Update


As it’s getting colder outside even out here in the desert I find myself gravitating towards painting colder scenes. Luckily unlike the last two winter seasons this one is a good bit different. The cloud of semi depression that had been over me for a couple years has finally washed away and in it’s wake is a shinny restored Greg Mitchell. One thing I love more than anything else in the world is being me. I seriously wish I could give you the elevated feeling that is being me on a good day. Would it make you arrogant? Probably. Would you maybe offend someone? More than likely. Would you bring a smile to nearly every face you come in contact with? Most definitely!  That is my gift and my driving source for the work I’m in the process of creating. I want my viewers to have that feeling of partially undeserved confidence and charisma after reading my upcoming comic book. I want viewers to feel inspired to be ridiculous. I want my viewers to toss of their adult armor that has protected them from ridicule since age 13 and just be kids again. I can think of no greater gift and I am very giving.


Greg Mitchell, First name last name