It’s All Coming Back…but Better!

Since my short lived stint painting backgrounds for Broadway plays out in Fresno I’ve been going back to my old visual development roots with a more matured skill set. At first, I will admit, I was off to a pretty terrible start. After years of not drawing seriously I had pretty much forgotten how. Luckily these past months have done a great job of helping to re accumulate myself to the craft! Granted everything I’ve done still sucks but at least I feel some good works coming on the horizon. Here are a some things I’ve done thus far. Now to open the ancient tomes of Paul Felix and make some real hits!


Greg Mitchell, I should probably get a job…


Snowy Lookout and Life Update


As it’s getting colder outside even out here in the desert I find myself gravitating towards painting colder scenes. Luckily unlike the last two winter seasons this one is a good bit different. The cloud of semi depression that had been over me for a couple years has finally washed away and in it’s wake is a shinny restored Greg Mitchell. One thing I love more than anything else in the world is being me. I seriously wish I could give you the elevated feeling that is being me on a good day. Would it make you arrogant? Probably. Would you maybe offend someone? More than likely. Would you bring a smile to nearly every face you come in contact with? Most definitely! ¬†That is my gift and my driving source for the work I’m in the process of creating. I want my viewers to have that feeling of partially undeserved confidence and charisma after reading my upcoming comic book. I want viewers to feel inspired to be ridiculous. I want my viewers to toss of their adult armor that has protected them from ridicule since age 13 and just be kids again. I can think of no greater gift and I am very giving.


Greg Mitchell, First name last name

Hey I’m Still Alive!

Let’s see, what have I been up to. Well moved to Fresno for a job working as a background painter that was a short. I realeased a single that’s a finalist for a competition in LA. I got out of the rap game which was also short lived but very fun. I put out a new portfolio for Vis dev which I will be updating ongoing. I eyed an I I I. I just really realized that all my sentences have started with I. Oh yeah I’m working on a new web comic that’s going to be a hit! Sooooooo lot’s going on.


As a side project I created an animated rapper named Gmitch-EGO. He is a “normal” boy with a large menacing “Ego” character around him. I though it would be a lot of fun after working for so many rappers at Atlantic to have my own that I can do all my own artwork for. The clients that I worked with had different tastes than my own and I need an outlet sooooo. ¬†After a lot of trial and error I’ve finally come close to releasing a few songs under the EGO imprint. These past few months have been instrumental for taking a dive into music creation. I’ve experimented and made tons of beats, wrote song after song and have thrown out mounds of garbage recordings (jeesh this music thing is kinda hard haha). Anywho I’m overly excited to release my first song “Hey What’s Up” in the next few days. I’ll also be doing all the artwork for each song as well. Take a look at some of the assets I’ve created for EGO… BELOW haha.





Portfolio Additions 1


Well after a very brief stint painting backgrounds for Broadway plays I’m now back on the market for work. I’ll be updating my portfolio rapidly these next few days with all the “Greg Mitchelly” goodness you know and love. I’ve gotten much better over the years and I’m excited to showcase what I can do artistically! I’ve spent so much time painting these past years that I really want to highlight my pencil work in this update which is what got me out to Cali in the first place. It feels good to return to the basics. It’s humbling.


Greg Mitchell, I just want Roli Roli Roli

Hanging Coliseum Boards Full Render WIP 1

Getting back to what got me out here in the first place. My pencil game! In this case it’s actually an apple pencil but whose really paying attention anyway. These new digital art tools can create stunning traditional look result these days without wasting time on all the grunt work. Constantly sharpening your pencil, smudging the graphite, accidentally damaging the paper during transport. Now with an ipad pro it’s like have a magical sheet of paper that you can truly create with. I’m a coffee shop god at this point.Masterpieces and Chai lattes all damn day hahaha. In this scene I’m going back to my old Hanging Coliseum project and giving some of the story boards I created about a year ago some love. Depending on how much time I have, you’ll be seeing a ton more pencil sketches.

Greg Mitchell, Too Busy, Three busy