Swirly Swirl

I pretty much just regergitated  my last sunset phone painting. The thought process was doing a focused scene with no reference based on colors I remember so here you go. I’ll be putting down some more involved work soon causeeeeeeeeee I’m starting a new short film!!! Ayyyyyy (now I’ll go from antisocial to being a ghost…wooooooo).




Greg Mitchell, It’s goin up on a Wednesday!

Kitchen at my Apartment

Sad times guys, I’m nearing the end of my lease for the first apt I’ve ever had in California. I stayed in Sherman Oaks for 3 months but now it’s time to make the move ( and commute) to West Hollywood. You can find me amongst the stars from now on hahaha. Oh yeah, this is another phone painting of something mundane and lackluster.

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 6.55.21 PMGreg Mitchell, Keepin it swaggy!

Phone Sketch on my Flight

I did this little phone painting on my flight back to L.A. from Atlanta. I call it “Flying High” It killed my phone battery butttt it was a ton of fun :)

exs2 3


Greg Mitchell, I was supposed to come in at 12…I didn’t get back till 4. This is what happens when it rains in L.A. :(



Back from CTN!

There is nothing quit like CTN to help put you back in perspective guys. For those that don’t know CTNX ( Creative Talent Network Expo) is an animation convention held in Burbank, CA that features an extensive amount of talented artists and workshops geared primarily for animation. Would I particularly recommend going to all the workshops…. Yes and No. Yes, because there isn’t too much to do if you don’t go and they do have some solid nuggets of information. No, since the “workshop” is just a rushed 45min speech. Most of the my critical learning moments at CTN have come from harassing veteran artist that I’ve heard of and forcing them to review my portfolio as if I have the thickest skin in the world.  One big conclusion that I’ve found is I’ve lost some focus with my Visual Development portfolio and it’s a gotten a bit too “gamey” so I’ve just gotta steer it back on course. On the positive side people love my color work, fresh ideas and some may say I actually have a bit o talent. All in all I’m definitely inspired to continue unlocking my potential and start making some damn entertainment!


Meanwhile a start to something new.



Greg Mitchell, (insert clever punch line here) :)



WIP: Futuristic Ship Port

I started this off as just an abstract painting to warm up some weeks ago but now I’ve become a bit more involved in it. I keep throwing in more shapes and color until the painting starts to create a picture in my head as well! (Crazy Stuff) Anywho, at this point I started thinking futuristic ships and syfy buildings for some reason. I think my boyish brain just reverts back to those themes haha. At this rate it’ll be awhile before I finish this piece but for now here is some work in progress.

138_abstract_raw 138_line_on 138_rough_sketch

Greg Mitchell, Ayyyy guess who just copped dat full time ayyyyy!!!