Recent Sketch

I doodled this one on my lunch break and I’m not sure why. It’s just a little sketch but it had a strong enough personality to warrant me posting it up for you lovely folks :)


Expect a paint over pretty soon, Greg Mitchell

Recent “Swaggy” Sketches

Recently I’ve been working on new short film. I don’t have an exact idea of what I’m going to do but believe me. it’s going to be “Fresh 2 Def.” Here are some sketches I’ve done to help think of ideas.

recents_doodles recents_doodles2 recents_doodles3 recents_doodles4


Greg Mitchell, More to come :)

Griffith Park



I stopped by Griffith Park today for a bit of painting upkeep. I’ve been drawing a ton of peple in pencil (which is amazing!) buttt if I’m not careful I’ll loose the color knowledge I worked my ass off for. It seems like the more I continue to grow as an artist the more of a juggle it becomes to remain proficient at my acquired skills. Oh well, here is a phone sketch of two scenes at the park today and a location picture.

Greg Mitchell, It’s starting to feel like spring!

New Year!!

Man I’ve been busy. I literally get back home from work famished and exhausted and tired and making run on sentences. I’m not entirely sure why but I konk out around 10pm nowadays ( not good). Anyways, IT’S A NEW YEAR!! meaning new goals and chances to improve at this thing. Man it’s crazy how fast time is flying these days. It’s like I started this blog “about a week agooooooo” but it’ actually been years at this point. Hmph. Well last night I stayed awake long enough to attend a figure drawing session at CSG. I’ve noticed some solid improvements in my work since I started regularly attending sessions so I hope to continue as this year goes on.


figure_new_6figure_new_7figure_new_8  figure_new_5


Greg Mitchell, I do things alone now mostle-ly