WIP: Futuristic Ship Port

I started this off as just an abstract painting to warm up some weeks ago but now I’ve become a bit more involved in it. I keep throwing in more shapes and color until the painting starts to create a picture in my head as well! (Crazy Stuff) Anywho, at this point I started thinking futuristic ships and syfy buildings for some reason. I think my boyish brain just reverts back to those themes haha. At this rate it’ll be awhile before I finish this piece but for now here is some work in progress.

138_abstract_raw 138_line_on 138_rough_sketch

Greg Mitchell, Ayyyy guess who just copped dat full time ayyyyy!!!

Favorite Sketch of the Week

Of the many drawings and paintings I do over the course of a week this one is my favorite. Just a one minute pose at a figure drawing session at CSG in Burbank California. It has a ton of life that I hope to infuse into more of my works. Look at me. I’m saying this and it’s only Thursday!


Figure Drawing 3

You know I read somewhere that no matter what happens to your status (change locations, win the lottery, get sick, ect.) you’ll revert back to how you were originally in 3 to 6 months. Well I can’t wait that long. I’ve fallen months behind my personal schedule by being too social in this new town and now my duties are pounding in my head like the chant from Jumanji. “Greg Do Work, Greg Do Work!” Well today is the day and for the few that followed this blog on the regular I’m sorry for the wait. All I’ve ever valued is progress and work ethic but hey…… “It’s L.A. right?” Wrong. This place makes it easier than ever to slip up and once you do the it’s near impossible to get back on it. 98% percent of people around me here are just a by product of broken dreams, fear, laziness and delusions. No matter what substances someone tries to sell you there is still no substitute for handwork. Allow me to demonstrate just as legends before me have. Here are some recent figure drawings from 5 minute sessions. figur22a figur26a


Greg Mitchell,  More to come


The Next Level

Getting the chance to come out to California and intern as a sketch artist is a dream come true of mine. I get to work with talented, smart and youthful people while soaking in all there is to know about advertising for entertainment (which is the only advertising I ever wanted to know!). Though the dream aspect is amazing it only shines light on the fact this “dream” is based solely on performance and talent. A substantial amount of product is requested of me on a daily basis and like any company I’m having to diversify my supply to keep up with demand. In this case my skills in human anatomy and personal likeness is being pushed to the max. Now I see how legends like John Watkiss are born from this industry ( He even freelanced for my company before!) because it truly does take a mastery of the figure and space. Right now I’m not at an acceptable level with those skills so for the remainder of this internship I’ll be focusing more deeply on true anatomy during my off hour sessions. I have a tendency to make figure drawing that are more “emotional” than representational of form and it’s really crippling my work time performance. In the meantime I also have to make a point to do phone paintings and plein air paintings on a regular basis so I don’t lose my sense of color and light as well as produce new pieces for my own personal portfolio.Long story short, I work a lot but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Here are some phone paintings I did on the company rooftop as well as some figure drawings from sessions around L.A..

137figure1_2 figure2 figure7_2 Scan2 Scan10


Greg Mitchell, Long ways to go