Wip Game

This may look like a relatively simple drawing to you (audience I don’t have hahaha) but it’s actually quite a feat for me to do. As a result of goin hard in the paint on the daily I can now draw pictures like this in only one pass. Yep that’s right, No underdrawing! I can just draw whatever I want now! Ayyyyy I might even color it later hmmmm….



Greg Mitchell, but dat wip game doe

My Life as of July 29th

It’s been awhile since I hopped on my blog and actually said something. I feel like nowadays I just make a quick post and get right back to “work” ( I won’t lie…I’m lazy sometimes and I just lay around). I miss the good old days when me and this blog were close and I updated it at least once a day. I was broke as fuck but at least I had my content which was all my own and time….precious precious time. I miss it! So much so that I’ve been laboring everyday after hours over a new animated short film of mine called “TOOK.” I can’t give too many details on the short thus far since it’s so early in production but I can tell it will be hilarious, stylish and of course dope. It’s my intention to use this short to showcase what I now know about art and entertainment…which is a ton guys. No one sketch can do this knowledge justice so I’ve made it must to finish this next film.


In other news I’m still here in L.A. working at the Refinery Creative as a sketch artist for movie posters. When I first got here nearly a year ago I was terrible and now…I suck a little less haha. Jokes aside my skills have improved drastically and I have a new found confidence to really create the pieces that I’ve always dreamed of. Things like perspective and anatomy kept a brother down haha. Anywho I’m rambling. Here are a few sketches of development for the female lead in “TOOK.”

20150727_155846 Liya_Rough_Sheet_1

Greg Mitchell, I’m Charged UP!


It’s really a dream come true to be studying with some of the greatest artists in the world on a weekly basis. When I was back in Georgia I would fantasize about a life like this here in L.A….and now it’s coming true! Anywho, here are some studies of eyes I did recently after attending Pascal’s last class. Of course this is only a small fraction of what I’ve actually done but I liked this page for some reason. The goal is to achieve that you don’t just see…but you feel. I’ve got a ways to go. These were done on a cintiq using photoshop.eye_studies


Greg Mitchell, Yall need to give Shy Glizzy a chance!

Pascal Campion Workshop!



I’m too, three, four thrilled to finally be taking instruction from Pascal Campion. He’s been one of my favorite modern artists for years now because of his ability to combine core artistic skills with personal experience to make pieces that really bring solid emotional appeal to the viewer. It’s something I’ve been striving for ever since I read Hans Bacher’s “Dream Worlds” back in college. I’ve only attended one class so far but the information is geared more towards the story boarding aspect which isn’t a bad thing because teaching color is in my opinion is….useless. It’s just too personal, go outside and paint. ┬áMore pieces to come! Oh and I’m starting a bi weekly comic series…stay tuned!


Greg Mitchell, Balance is everything

Analytical Figure Drawing Class is Over

For the past 10 weeks I’ve been in Ron Lemens Analytical Figure drawing class over at LAAFA in Van Nuys, CA. I’m definitely no where near a level now that I would call “good” butttt I’m much improved and I also feel like I have enough of a road map to follow so that my personal studies will be more efficient. ┬áHands down I encourage those that want to expand their knowledge of anatomy (especially for use in entertainment) to take his class! Moving along I also posted some of my sketches from last weeks CSG clothed figure session. I’m realizing that I suck at connecting heads to necks and I have no idea how to properly draw in clothes. That said, I had a lot of fun!


Scan3 Scan1 Scan2

Greg Mitchell, There gone be 10,000 beeches at my funeralll!


Analytical Figure Drawing Wk 9

For the past 7ish months I’ve devoted a lot of my artistic efforts towards the growth of my figure drawings. Prior to coming out to L.A. I knew the figure was my biggest weakness and began my studies but since being here I’ve practically entered anatomy boot camp and I’ve made worlds of progress. What I’m happy about isn’t so much the pieces I do at figure sessions but the greater understanding of the shapes that make up anatomy that I filter through my fantastical mind to build anything. I feel like megaman absorbing powers and becoming a sum that is greater than the parts. Of course I still have a ton more to work on but I needed to reflect just a bit. Here are some 3 min sketches from the other nights session with a focus on blocking in shadow patterns.





Greg Mitchell, Out chea gettin it!