From the Ville to the Valley

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I apologize for my disappearance but for the past few weeks I’ve been traveling and settling in to my new internship in L.A. at the Refinery Creative. I drove my little miata across the country from Atlanta to “Los Santos” and after 4 days I finally arrived at my new home! The transition hasn’t been easy and I find myself being homesick or more rather “personsick” more often than not but the days go on I guess. ┬áThe work I’m doing here is pretty awesome though and honestly the whole job is combination of things I’d be doing in my spare time (eating, working, fraternizing, reading books, cracking jokes and sketching in pencil). I feel pretty lucky to have gotten this opportunity and at the rate I’m going I’m not going to waste it. In the coming months I may be able to post work that I’ve done there so be on the look out but until then enjoy this phone sketch of the pool at my apartment.




Greg Mitchell, Wow things can change fast….


I’ve included a sheet full of composition studies from movies as well as a comp of my own. I made mine rather abstract but it was meant to feel like downtown L.A. or what I could remember of it in my brief visit. Also, yes that is Empire Strikes Back!!

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Greg Mitchell, Next program to learn…Excel! Finances are no joke.

Sketch Sheets 2

I did these doodles a few days ago at a coffee shop using my trusty ball point pen. One page is just mindless scribbles and the other I was doing some early development for an upcoming short film where a man’s arm is turned to machine! I know what your’e thinking “Yes, Greg we’ve seen that before,” but this time it will be different. For more organic and “animatey” something like the legendary Ryan Woodward mixed with myself. It’ll be months and months before official production starts but stay tuned folks!

doodles053 doodles052

Greg Mitchell, Nothing like some morning weezy bumpn to boost your spirits

Stress Relief


I’m alone a lot during my usual day to day in order to achieve the artistic goals that I’ve set for myself. This unfortunately means I have a ton of time to dwell within my own head which…can be a bad thing. I’m usually a rather upbeat positive person but from time to time the freelance workload combined with never ending disappointment in my own work can start to make me unhappy. Luckily I found a cure! I just start up a painting that has nothing to do with anything. No larger projects, no freelance, no cares, no worries just a painting for medicinal purposes. I like to keep these very abstract and unstructured with little to no reference so I have less to think about. This started off as some abstract elements but now it’s a city…maybe. Still needs more time I think.


Greg Mitchell, Yay for productive procrastination!

Figure Drawing 2

Round 2 ding ding! I was back and this time just a little more experienced than before (I also had a better seat!). I decided to switch my medium from a mechanical pencil and sheets of copy paper to grey pastel paper and white/black conte sticks. I think that helped a ton and overall these had knock out improvements compared to last week. The ability to make broad elbow strokes not only saved time but also enhanced the visual clarity of these images. I hope to strengthen more aspects of my figure drawing game in the weeks to come but for now check out the best of session 2. These a are mix of 2min, 10min, and 15 min poses. Things are gettin hype in here!


20140801_104320 20140801_104307 20140801_104246 20140801_104214 20140801_104151


Greg Mitchell, Like fight night!

Out My Window….Again



As I was painting this study out of my window I realized “Man, I’ve done a lot of these.” I think they first came about by an urge to get better and an extreme laziness to avoid going outside and using real paint. This is literally just the view in front of my cintiq haha! I’ve done more than just these three but I think each of these does a good job of showing where I was artistically at the time. Over the past year I started off using a program called Artrage to do all my studies because it did a great job of simulating real paint. For some reason at the time when I was starting off painting digitally my mind couldn’t really grasp the technical side of photoshop so I stuck to sloppy digital paintings. Over time though (as seen in the middle painting) I got a decent grasp of photoshop and began making works. It looked very inorganic but it was the best I could do at the time. Finally now I’m starting to learn how to create a more hypnotizing pieces of art work digitally within the confines of photoshop and now that I’m reaching this point….I don’t really like it haha. I find myself bending over backwards to get these pixels to do something that what of happened effortlessly with real paint. The screen glares, the process as a whole is not very exhilarating and my clothes are far too clean afterwords hahaha. This is not to say that digital art does not have HUGE advantages just for my personal studies I’m going to make push for more traditional works.


Enough of my rant, here is my warm up paint out of my window this morning (at the top). Enjoy :)


Greg Mitchell, Believe me…Believe me ….Lord knows I merq one of deees