Analytical Figure Drawing Wk 9

For the past 7ish months I’ve devoted a lot of my artistic efforts towards the growth of my figure drawings. Prior to coming out to L.A. I knew the figure was my biggest weakness and began my studies but since being here I’ve practically entered anatomy boot camp and I’ve made worlds of progress. What I’m happy about isn’t so much the pieces I do at figure sessions but the greater understanding of the shapes that make up anatomy that I filter through my fantastical mind to build anything. I feel like megaman absorbing powers and becoming a sum that is greater than the parts. Of course I still have a ton more to work on but I needed to reflect just a bit. Here are some 3 min sketches from the other nights session with a focus on blocking in shadow patterns.





Greg Mitchell, Out chea gettin it!

Recent Sketch

I doodled this one on my lunch break and I’m not sure why. It’s just a little sketch but it had a strong enough personality to warrant me posting it up for you lovely folks :)


Expect a paint over pretty soon, Greg Mitchell

Recent “Swaggy” Sketches

Recently I’ve been working on new short film. I don’t have an exact idea of what I’m going to do but believe me. it’s going to be “Fresh 2 Def.” Here are some sketches I’ve done to help think of ideas.

recents_doodles recents_doodles2 recents_doodles3 recents_doodles4


Greg Mitchell, More to come :)

Griffith Park



I stopped by Griffith Park today for a bit of painting upkeep. I’ve been drawing a ton of peple in pencil (which is amazing!) buttt if I’m not careful I’ll loose the color knowledge I worked my ass off for. It seems like the more I continue to grow as an artist the more of a juggle it becomes to remain proficient at my acquired skills. Oh well, here is a phone sketch of two scenes at the park today and a location picture.

Greg Mitchell, It’s starting to feel like spring!