Griffith Park



I stopped by Griffith Park today for a bit of painting upkeep. I’ve been drawing a ton of peple in pencil (which is amazing!) buttt if I’m not careful I’ll loose the color knowledge I worked my ass off for. It seems like the more I continue to grow as an artist the more of a juggle it becomes to remain proficient at my acquired skills. Oh well, here is a phone sketch of two scenes at the park today and a location picture.

Greg Mitchell, It’s starting to feel like spring!

New Year!!

Man I’ve been busy. I literally get back home from work famished and exhausted and tired and making run on sentences. I’m not entirely sure why but I konk out around 10pm nowadays ( not good). Anyways, IT’S A NEW YEAR!! meaning new goals and chances to improve at this thing. Man it’s crazy how fast time is flying these days. It’s like I started this blog “about a week agooooooo” but it’ actually been years at this point. Hmph. Well last night I stayed awake long enough to attend a figure drawing session at CSG. I’ve noticed some solid improvements in my work since I started regularly attending sessions so I hope to continue as this year goes on.


figure_new_6figure_new_7figure_new_8  figure_new_5


Greg Mitchell, I do things alone now mostle-ly

Swirly Swirl

I pretty much just regergitated  my last sunset phone painting. The thought process was doing a focused scene with no reference based on colors I remember so here you go. I’ll be putting down some more involved work soon causeeeeeeeeee I’m starting a new short film!!! Ayyyyyy (now I’ll go from antisocial to being a ghost…wooooooo).




Greg Mitchell, It’s goin up on a Wednesday!

Kitchen at my Apartment

Sad times guys, I’m nearing the end of my lease for the first apt I’ve ever had in California. I stayed in Sherman Oaks for 3 months but now it’s time to make the move ( and commute) to West Hollywood. You can find me amongst the stars from now on hahaha. Oh yeah, this is another phone painting of something mundane and lackluster.

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 6.55.21 PMGreg Mitchell, Keepin it swaggy!