Regular Life Drawing 4

I love this blog because it’s always been something of a diary to me. I can post things here and not worry about who likes or dislikes anything and my progress can be forever scribed in zeroes and ones across the universe. Though it’s a public blog it feel private so I have no issue sharing whatever it is I’m doing at the moment which so happens to be stealthily sketching people in library. Like a ninja I slice out their form in my wacom then hide that tab in the shadows  when they walk by. It’s an art form I’ve perfected so I never get caught doing “free” life drawing. Once someone finds out the whole jig is up!


Greg Mitchell, If your car is loosing power look not to the engine but to the clutch.

Studies of Lips…My lips


I’ve always had difficulty drawing lips in various angles from memory. Andrew Loomis recommends studies of your own features in different angles from a mirror so I’ve been squeezing a few drawing like these daily.


Greg Mitchell, I’ve been listening to classical all day today. I have to take a turn up break haha.

Recent WIP’s


157-Recovered 159-Recovered

Lately I’ve been doodling scenes like these on a separate tab and getting to about this stage before I think, “How do I want to finish this?” Do I want flat color, painterly, line-less and also what’s the point of finishing it? The more time I spend on this doodle the less time I spend on my short which my current priority. So I end up with tons of scenes like these that sit and get dusty in my “Greg’s Studies” folder. Soooo here ya go! I’ll post them up and you can fux with them if you want. Some will get finished others never will. There is simply too little time and only one of me.


Greg Mitchell, That Yo Gotti mixtape doe.

Regular Life Drawing 3

In the last post I said I was going to have much cooler work soon annddd it’s not here yet. Womp Womp it’s delayed. I’ve been dealing with some depression from recent life events and my below average script writing skills. No worries though, I’m back on my grizzle nizow. It’s in my dna to achieve so I’m in crisis procrastination mode to make some upcoming deadlines. Here are a few recent studies from the library yesterday and one doodle from imagination. I won’t lie, switching focus from writing to drawing is spreading me thin. My brain is already pushed to the limits creating worlds visually but I’ll have to push harder.  I only seem to be drawing for upkeep these day but oh well. All will be good again soon.166_2166_3


Greg Mitchell, 100, 100, 100, 100

Regular Life Drawings 2

Man I’m scrolling through my blog and it’s looking pretty damn bland and boring. Study, study, life drawing, study. Don’t worry guys, I’ve been cooking up a world of original content lately and I’m taking my time before I present my real material. In the meantime, just be happy with what I do to warm up each day. These are sketches of people at the library reading books and such.



Greg Mitchell, Eatin organic now homies, what yall know about dat.

Regular Life Drawings

I’m realizing that the greatest way to improve on any artistic skill is daily studies from life. Only from daily landscapes from life did I begin to grasp color, perspective, and design. Human anatomy is no different and figure drawing sessions simply aren’t enough to improve as rapidly as I’d like. So now  I warm up and have daily sessions of drawing people around me doing all things .From recently doing this everyday at coffee shops and libraries am I now understanding and applying the knowledge I’ve been taught on anatomy for the past year. I’ll keep this up until I become proficient enough to focus on other things…..writing perhaps :)



Greg Mitchell, Where ya ass was at, last winter was the coldest- Drake

Still Working


Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 9.10.36 AM

I’m realizing that I’m not that great at writing scripts (or any writing for that matter) but I am good at churning out ideas and conveying them visually. This film is slatted to be only 3 minutes and it’s taken days for me to write out an official script….ughhh. But no worries cause it’s guaranteed “DOPE.”  I’m pouring everything I have into this thing which meant a very lengthy rough preproduction phase full of “not so pretty” artwork. Since that phase is closing I’ll be putting out much more pleasing work for promotional material. In the meantime take this character design sketch I did some time back….that’s pretty much me right now.


Greg Mitchell, We just count up big racks woooooahhhh, I know I’mma get my b#tch back wooooaahhhhh -Future